HYBUILD has a duration of 48 months and will produce 41 deliverables.
36 of them are public: they are uploaded on this page when finalised.

Web-based platform
D8.3 – Note: this report has been submitted but not approved yet by the European Commission

Requirements: context of application, building classification, and dynamic uses consideration
D1.1 – Not yet available

Technical and market review codes studies, national and European certification frameworks
D1.2 – Not yet available

Requirements: Key Performance Indicators, system components and performance targets
D1.3 – Not yet available

Technology Payback analysis
D1.4 – Not yet available

Report on adsorber/ desorber and evaporator/ condenser design and manufacturing
D2.1 – Not yet available

Low & high temperature latent storage realized
D2.2 – Not yet available

DC driven compression heat pump tests successful
D2.3 – Not yet available

Report on performance tests on the operation of the electrical energy storage
D2.4 – Not yet available

Modular flow sheet simulation of the hybrid (sub-)system
D3.1 – Not yet available

Configuration of the hard- and software WP3 interfaces of the DCS finished
D3.2 – Not yet available

Full hybrid storage integrated
D3.3 – Not yet available

Report on the experimental tests and the final design of the hybrid sub-systems
D3.4 – Not yet available

Smart systems algorithms
D4.1 – Not yet available

Functional requirements specification
D4.2 – Not yet available

HYBUILD optimised building management system
D4.3 – Not yet available

Report on system performance
D4.4  – Not yet available

Life Cycle Assessment of the HYBUILD system
D5.1  – Not yet available

Social Life Cycle Assessment of the HYBUILD system
D5.2 – Not yet available

Life Cycle Cost Assessment studies
D5.3 – Not yet available

Report on existing standards and standardization landscape
D5.4 – Not yet available

Full standardization proposals
D5.5 – Not yet available

Report of commissioning tasks
D6.1 – Not yet available

Report of the energy performance analysis before intervention
D6.2 – Not yet available

Report of the energy performance
D6.3 – Not yet available

Dissemination and exploitation plan
D7.1 – Not yet available

Report on dissemination activities
D7.2 – Not yet available

HYBUILD Flipbook
D7.3 – Not yet available

HYBUILD business model
D7.4 – Not yet available

Stakeholder advisory board description and composition
D7.6 – Not yet available

HYBUILD replication plan
D7.8 – Not yet available

Internal and external communication strategy
D8.1 – Not yet available

Data Management Plan
D8.2 – Not yet available

Communication plan
D8.4 – Not yet available

Report on communication activities
D8.5 – Not yet available

Report on synergies between HYBUILD and other global initiatives
D9.3 – Not yet available