Pilot sites

Langenwang, Austria

  • Climate: Continental
  • Site description : Office section of the Pink main building in Langenwang
  • Date of construction : 1960s
  • Current use of the building: Office with social room and toilets
  • Area: 180m2

HYBUILD Austrian pilot site has a retrofit realized in 2020 to improve the comfort and to decrease the energy consumption. The office is split into four areas: Single offices, plan office, meeting room and social room. The hybrid compact storage system for continental climate will be installed at this pilot site. The maximum heating power consumption expected after the foreseen retrofitting operations is 10 kW. The following technologies will be applied in the building: PV, PCM thermal latent storage, Heat pump.

Follow the progress of this HYBUILD pilot site on this photo album : https://photos.app.goo.gl/NXC4FgZsg82qSLFEA

Aglantzia, Cyprus

HYBUILD Aglantzia Pilot site

  • Climate: Mediterranean – subtropical
  • Site description : Kiriacou Karaoli Square (Aglantzia)
  • Date of construction : 2005
  • Current use of the building: Multifunctional center
  • Area: 140m2

The Aglantzia case study is a listed building located in the city centre square. This pilot aims at converting the current building as a cornerstone of social interaction and creative activities. The building will become a benchmark for a permanent digital exhibition of renewable energy technologies and supportive equipment to serve as a space for informing the society about the use of smart technologies in our homes capable of offering the transition to a low carbon economy and high levels of energy savings. The hybrid compact storage system for mediterranean climate will be installed in this pilot site.

Follow the progress of this HYBUILD pilot site on this photo album : https://photos.app.goo.gl/JHJnaJimG9wWyPcf9

Almatret, Spain

HYBUILD Almatret Pilot site

  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Site description : Residential house in Almatret
  • Date of construction : 1970
  • Current use of the building: Residential
  • Area: 107m2

In the Almatret demo site, the Mediterranean system will be installed and tested. The system will contain Fresnel solar collectors to capture the solar thermal energy, photovoltaic (PV) panels to produce electricity from solar radiation, a low temperature storage tank with phase change material (PCM) in thermal contact with the evaporator of the compression system (heat pump), and a sorption thermal storage system thermally connected with the solar thermal collectors and with the condenser of the compression system.

Follow the progress of this HYBUILD pilot site on this photo album : https://photos.app.goo.gl/NLzx6uc7jQG5UncV6