HYBUILD Business Model

HYBUILD dissemination and exploitation activities aim at demonstrating that hybrid energy storage solutions are a key component in providing flexibility and supporting renewable energy integration in the energy system and can efficiently contribute to the decarbonisation of buildings.

A new report led by our partner R2M Solution – Research to Market – has just been released on the Deliverables page of our website.

Executive Summary

The HYBUILD Business Model report presents an analysis of the market potential of each HYBUILD Exploitable Result (ER) together with the key criteria allowing to define a business model for their future exploitation.

The work was supported by an ad-hoc questionnaire completed through bilateral semi- structured interviews organized by R2M with each ER owner(s).

Figure: HYBUILD Exploitable Results (ERs) overview

The views collected amongst HYBUILD ER owners and presented in this report show a broad variety of situations. In most cases, some uncertainty remains regarding the business model definition, since the performance of the overall HYBUILD systems and of their building blocks still has to be demonstrated. In particular, the time to market of the overall HYBUILD solutions for Mediterranean and Continental climates will be assessed when the installation at the demo sites is done and initial results and costs are known.

However, regarding other HYBUILD ERs, ER owners have already identified target markets and exploitation routes, and they have in general a clearer vision of the time to market for their individual results.

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