Life Cycle Assessment of an Innovative Hybrid Energy Storage System for Residential Buildings in Continental Climates

A new scientific publication from GREiA Research Group (Universitat de Lleida), CNR ITAE and Eurac Research has just been published in the Applied Sciences MDPI journal.

With the aim of contributing to achieving the decarbonization of the energy sector, the environmental impact of an innovative system to produce heating and domestic hot water for heating demand-dominated climates is evaluated.

Schematic diagram for the innovative system

The evaluation is conducted using the life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology and the ReCiPe and IPCC GWP indicators for the manufacturing and operation stages, and comparing the system to a reference one. Results show that the innovative system has a lower overall impact than the reference one. Moreover, a parametric study to evaluate the impact of the refrigerant is carried out, showing that the impact of the overall systems is not affected if the amount of refrigerant or the impact of refrigerant is increased.

Read and download the full publication here.