HYBUILD Dissemination and exploitation plan released

HYBUILD Deliverable 7.1 – Dissemination and Exploitation plan is now available to download.

HYBUILD Dissemination and Exploitation is an ongoing dialogue with potential users during the project, more especially with the relevant stakeholders’ groups specifically interested in the project outcomes, which include professionals (designers, ICT installers, energy advisors), construction and engineering companies, manufacturers (ICT, BMS, storage, thermal equipment), building owners/facility managers, government, municipalities (building and energy regulators, standardization bodies), academia, scientific community, and the general public.

The HYBUILD dissemination strategy identifies, organises and defines the public disclosure of the results of the project and as such it is integral to meeting the overall aim of the project. The idea is to take key external stakeholders through a three-stage process of awareness to understanding and ultimately to point where they are applying the HYBUILD innovative concepts and solutions for compact hybrid storage for low energy buildings.

Several dissemination actions including preparation and submission of scientific papers and organization of technical workshops have already been planned by the project partners for the first half of the project (until Month 24): these actions are detailed in the report.

The HYBUILD exploitation strategy aims at enabling an active use of the exploitable results created by the project to generate positive impacts. The methodology includes the identification of Exploitable Results (ERs), IPR background, market analysis and assessment for each of them, selection of an exploitation strategy and eventually implementation of this strategy. At the time of writing this report, 12 ERs have been identified and described by their ER manager(s). This includes for instance the HYBUILD integrated systems for both the Mediterranean and Continental climates (ER01 and ER02) as well as more specific components such as for instance the innovative DC bus controller solution for the heat pump market (ER03). This report also presents an updated individual exploitation plan for each of the 21 HYBUILD beneficiaries.