A New Methodological Approach for the Evaluation of Scaling Up a Latent Storage Module for Integration in Heat Pumps

Our partner GREiA Research Group (University of Lleida) has coordinated the edition and publication of a new journal paper presenting HYBUILD outcomes in MDPI Energies, together with HYBUILD partners AKG and CNR ITAE.

Executive summary

A clear gap was identified in the literature regarding the in-depth evaluation of scaling up thermal energy storage components. To cover such a gap, a new methodological approach was developed and applied to a novel latent thermal energy storage module. The purpose of this paper is to identify some key aspects to be considered when scaling up the module from lab-scale to full-scale using different performance indicators calculated in both charge and discharge. Different normalization methods were applied to allow an appropriate comparison of the results at both scales. As a result of the scaling up, the theoretical energy storage capacity increases by 52% and 145%, the average charging power increases by 21% and 94%, while the average discharging power decreases by 16% but increases by 36% when mass and volume normalization methods are used, respectively. When normalization by the surface area of heat transfer is used, all of the above performance indicators decrease, especially the average discharging power, which decreases by 49%. Moreover, energy performance in charge and discharge decreases by 17% and 15%, respectively. However, efficiencies related to charging, discharging, and round-trip processes are practically not affected by the scaling up.

Overall schematic of the innovative system

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