HYBUILD is at MIPIM World in Cannes this week !

HYBUILD will be present this week at MIPIM World in Cannes (France), the world biggest real estate fair with over 26.000 participants.

Grab an HYBUILD project postcard & come to discover the future of hybrid energy storage solutions for tomorrow’s residential buildings !

Meet us at the R2M Solution booth P-1 B69  and/or send an email to regis.decorme@r2msolution.com to set an appointment over the 4 days of the event.

About MIPIM Word

Established in 1990, MIPIM is A 4-day real estate event to meet the most influential players from all sectors of the international real estate industry.

It brings the entire value chain together and gives unrivalled access to the greatest number of development projects and sources of capital worldwide.


Save today, use tomorrow ! 28 Feb. 2019, Wels, Austria

Six H2020 research and innovation projects –  HYBUILD, CREATESCORESTESSE2BTHERMOSS, and SUNHORIZON – organised the “Save today, use tomorrow” workshop at WSED, Wels, Austria.

Each project introduced its results and led interactive discussions related to storage innovations for tomorrow’ smart buildings and cities.

Prof. Dr. Luisa F. Cabeza – GREA research group from University of Lleida – presenting HYBUILD intermediate results
HYBUILD representatives at WSED – From left to right: Antoni Castells (Fresnex), Prof. Dr. Luisa F. Cabeza (University of Lleida), Michael Wiesflecker (OCHSNER), Johann Emhofer (AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology)
All speakers of the “Save today Use tomorrow” workshop at WSED 2019

Introducing NOBATEK/INEF4, open innovation for sustainable buildings

NOBATEK/INEF4 is a French non-profit Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) that develops new products and solutions which aim at increasing the sustainability of buildings and cities. Since 2013 it is labelled by the French government as Institute for the Energy Transition (ITE) in the building sector. The core team consist of 60 + researchers, engineers, city planner and architects.

Applying an Open Innovation approach, this core team is co-developing its innovative technologies and solutions with researchers and professionals from different areas from all over the world depending on the specific expertise required.

The activity of NOBATEK/INEF4 is covering the technology transfer from the concept phase to the market and aims at speeding up the technology transfer and modernising the building sector. An important role plays the demonstration of functional prototypes in an operational environment in order to demonstrate the impact of the developed technologies and solutions and help market up-take.

NOBATEK/INEF4 is organised in two business units, one focusing on the development of Innovative Technologies and Solutions and the other providing Innovative Services. The targeted clients are building owners, general contractors, product manufacturers, local authorities and building managers that wish to improve the energy performance and environmental quality of buildings or urban areas.

The offer of NOBATEK/INEF4 includes a wide range of technologies and solutions including support in the definition of construction and urban planning projects, environmental certifications (BREEAM®, LEED®, HQE®, WELL®…), renewable energy design and integration in buildings, co-development of solutions, tools and systems as well as various business opportunities offered to start-up companies, SME or other industry players.


One of HYBUILD’s main objectives is to demonstrate, in real-life operation conditions, the performance of HYBUILD systems under two different climates : Mediterranean and Continental.

To achieve this goal, NOBATEK/INEF4 is working with HYBUILD partners to develop and deploy a building performance monitoring protocol for the three demonstration sites in France, Spain and Cyprus.

NOBATEK/INEF4 support the simulation, thermal modelling and the definition of key performance indicators for HYBUILD systems related to demo sites.

NOBATEK/INEF4 is also responsible for demonstrating the continental hybrid storage concept in the French context, following the installation of the HYBUILD system at the demonstration site in Bordeaux (France) and evaluating the HYBUILD system through the analyses of monitoring results before and after the installation of HYBUILD system.

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Dr. Saed RAJI

Team: Tools and system for energy efficiency

Graduated as an engineer in Environment and Sustainable Development from the University of Aleppo (Syria) in 1995 and received his PhD in Energy Efficiency from the University of Bordeaux (Fr) in 2006. He started his career as a lecturer at the University of Aleppo. After a long experience in R&D projects in the Middle East, he joined, in 2013, the National Institute for Energy Transition “NOBATEK – INEF4.”

He is in charge of national and European projects related to the energy performance of buildings and the integration of renewable energy systems in building (BATISOL, PCMFLEX, GEOFIT, BAITYKOOL, PLATSOLAR, …).



Team: Tools and system for energy efficiency

Paul graduated as an engineer in energy process from the IMT Albi in 2010 and in electric vehicle engineering from the ENSAM Paritech in 2011. He has a background in research and development activities for simulation, conception and tests of various thermal equipment’s in the fields of energy and automotive industry in CEA, Renault and Areva. He works in Nobatek since 2014 on the development and integration of new technologies for storage, heating, cooling and venting systems in building application from the first phases of simulation to the full-scale demonstrations. He is involved in local and EU projects.


Introducing OCHSNER, leader of the heat pump sector

OCHSNER Wärmepumpen GmbH has built up a reputation as a technology leader in the heat pump sector thanks to its outstanding technical achievements and innovations. The company’s vision is to use sustainable energy to contribute to solving the challenges of our future global energy needs and of climate change. OCHSNER has a significant market share in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, as well as in many other Western and Eastern European countries. OCHSNER heat pumps are also used in China. Heat pumps from OCHSNER set standards in the industry. They regularly achieve record-breaking levels of efficiency and top values in low sound emissions. The company has smart manufacturing facilities at its main plant in Austria. OCHSNER fully endorses the principles behind Industry 4.0 and makes use of innovative production processes such as 3D printing. The company offers a complete range of products for all heat sources, as well as for heating, cooling and domestic hot water heating in the heating output range from 2 kW to 2.5 MW. OCHSNER invests some five percent of its turnover in research and development in order to maintain its leading position as an innovator.

First founded in 1872 as a manufacturer of appliances and pumps, OCHSNER Wärmepumpen GmbH was established in 1978. Since 1992, the focus has been entirely on innovative heat pump technology. The company is headed by majority shareholder and managing partner, Karl Ochsner, in conjunction with Marco Schäfer.

As an independent company, OCHSNER Energie Technik provides high capacity heat pumps which are suitable for many applications, including those related to industry and local authorities. Established in 2016, the company is dedicated solely to the development, project engineering, installation and maintenance of high capacity heat pumps. These attain flow temperatures of up to 130 °C and outputs of up to 2.5 MW.

Ochsner’s role in HYBUILD

As part of the HYBUILD project, OCHSNER is developing a speed controlled split air/water heat pump for heating and cooling in a continental climate. The OCHSNER AIR HAWK HYBUILD is particularly noted for its exceptionally quiet operation due to its proven horizontal evaporator system and the use of an alternative refrigerant, R32, with a low GWP value. To enable lower refrigerant charges, the refrigerant circuit has been optimised for this product. For DHW heating, a thermal hybrid tank (PCM) is integrated into the refrigerant circuit for the OCHSNER AIR HAWK HYBUILD. The heat pump inverter takes its power supply from the building’s DC distribution network.

OCHSNER AIR HAWK HYBUILD heating heat pump – indoor unit
OCHSNER AIR HAWK HYBUILD heating heat pump – outdoor unit

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Michael Wiesflecker

Michael Wiesflecker returned to work at Ochsner in October 2018. After completing his apprenticeship as a refrigeration systems technician and plant electrician at Ochsner, and a Master’s degree as a pre-production manager while working, he went on to gain experience at other companies in the refrigeration sector. In his new role, Mr Wiesflecker is responsible for project management in the Engineering Department.

Michael Weiß

Michael Weiß has been working in the R&D department at Ochsner since 2013. He is responsible for the configuration and design of refrigeration technology, as well as for the testing facilities in Haag and Wieselburg, Austria. Before joining Ochsner Wärmepumpen GmbH, Mr Weiß – who holds a degree in Sustainable Energy Technologies – spent eight years working as a building management system designer with a focus on renewable energy. Since 2017, he has also been lecturing on heat pump system technology & project engineering as part of the Master’s degree programme in Renewable Energy Systems & Technical Energy Management at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt (Wieselburg campus).

Introducing Fresnex – Solar Steam Generation

HYBUILD is a group of 21 partners from 9 countries. Every month, a new HYBUILD partner is introduced in our Blog section. Today, Fresnex.

Fresnex – In a nutshell

Fresnex GmbH provides an innovative concentrating solar system for various applications. Since the founding of the company in 2012 the focus was mainly on medium temperature (100°C – 250°C) solar steam systems for industrial applications.

Based on a patent the company step by step optimized the Fresnel concept of large concentrated solar power projects for small scale installations from 500m² to 20.000m². The flat solar mirror modules are highly prefabricated, easy to transport, simple to install and maintain a low wind profile combined with low weight, all of it being key factors for small industrial applications.

Fresnex role in HYBUILD

Within HYBUILD Fresnex is now introducing a step towards even smaller installations and lower temperatures. The aim is to reduce the costs and increase the performance of very small installations. This shall pave the way to a market entry in the building sector.

A 60m² concentrated solar thermal system with a temperature range of up to 120°C will be installed at the demo site in Almatret. It will serve as main thermal energy source for the Mediterranean system concept.

Meet the staff

Hartmut Schneider holds a master degree in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Vienna. He looks back on 15 years of international experience in the area of sales and project management in reputable plant engineering and construction companies. In January 2012, he completed his MBA at the WU Executive Academy in Vienna. At the same time, he started Fresnex. Hartmut Schneider is IPMA-certified senior project manager.

Antoni Castells i Sanabrais Country Manager for Spain and R&D Engineer at Fresnex with over 4 years of experience related to CSP technology development, market analysis and sales. Antoni holds a MSc. degree in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, specialized in Mechanics. In addition, he is currently performing a MBA in Vienna, specializing in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. As a versatile engineer, fluent in German, internationally oriented and experienced in building up new markets, he plays a key role in the development of the company.

Future of Hybrid System Applications – A Real Case Solving with COMSA Corporación

The HYBUILD coordinator COMSA participated in a “Case Solving” event on Tuesday, Dec 18th 2018 in Barcelona (Spain) with the InnoEnergy CommUnity.

The bulk of attendees were current Energy Engineering Master’s students, with some entrepreneurs and academic alumni participating as well.  The HYBUILD project was presented and attendees were asked  to vision how they would market the HYBUILD solution. See case study presentation here.

The attendees helped define ideas and a value proposition canvas for three distinct market scenarios for applying the HYBUILD solution. A unique idea specific to farming applications was presented as a possible business model.