HYBUILD final deliverables available

The HYBUILD project was recently successfully completed and several new public deliverables have now been released on the Deliverables page of the website:

  • Technology Payback analysis D1.4
  • Low & high temperature latent storage realized D2.2
  • Report on the experimental tests and the final design of the hybrid sub-systems D3.4
  • Report on system performance D4.4
  • Life Cycle Assessment of the HYBUILD system D5.1
  • Social Life Cycle Assessment of the HYBUILD system D5.2
  • Life Cycle Cost Assessment studies D5.3
  • Report on existing standards and standardization landscape D5.4
  • Full standardization proposals D5.5
  • Report of commissioning tasks D6.1
  • Report of the energy performance analysis before intervention D6.2
  • Report of the energy performance D6.3
  • Report on dissemination activities D7.2
  • Report on communication activities D8.5
  • Report on synergies between HYBUILD and other global initiatives D9.3

The HYBUILD entire consortium wish you a happy end of the year, and the HYBUILD coordination team remains available to answer question you may have in relation with this new material.