Evaluation of thermal comfort and energy performance of a case study in vernacular architecture of Cyprus

A new conference paper by University of Cyprus – FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy – was presented at the PLEA 2020 conference – Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design.

The conservation and rehabilitation of buildings of vernacular architecture is a sustainable approach, not only because it leaves a small ecological footprint, compared to the erection of new buildings, but also due to the passive bioclimatic design features integrated in vernacular buildings. This paper will investigate the thermal performance of vernacular architecture in lowland area in diverse climatic contexts.

HYBUILD demo site in Aglantzia, Cyprus

The findings of the current research are based on an on-site investigation carried out in a representative vernacular building that is going to be upgraded to a hands-on technology exhibition area of renewable energy systems complimented with visual means to enhance the experience of visitors under a Research European Programme (Horizon 2020). The current study provides a basis for the formulation of a site-specific design strategy to improve thermal conditions and achieve energy conservation within lowland constructions in diverse climatic conditions. Understanding and analysing the thermal behaviour of these spaces is the first step towards this strategy. The quantitative analysis reveals the various challenges faced and opportunities provided by lowland structures and contributes to informing current design policies. Moreover, the analysis will inform the sizing of the technical systems throughout the year.

Read the full paper here