Sun & thermal energy workshop | SP19 in Cagliari

Sun and thermal energy: Europe’s precious energy sources for efficient industries and buildings | Sustainable Places 2019, Cagliari, 05-07 June 2019

Keywords: solar, thermal, renewables, energy efficient buildings, industry, heat pumps

In this workshop, we discussed the progress of five Horizon 2020 projects – HYCOOL, SHIP2FAIR, THERMOSS, SUNHORIZON and HYBUILD – all implementing solar thermal and renewable technologies for buildings and for the industrial sector. The discussion offered opportunities to identify and benchmark key challenges being faced by the projects, both technical and non-technical, and allowed to identify cooperation opportunities.

Key innovative aspects:

  • The main goal and innovative aspect of SHIP2FAIR is to foster the integration of solar heat in industrial processes from the agro–food sector.
  • SunHorizon aims to develop heat pump solutions that will act properly coupled with advanced solar panels providing heating and cooling both for residential and tertiary buildings.
  • THERMOSS ensures an efficient match between supply and demand of energy through real- time management of thermal energy and by retrofitting through advanced heating and cooling technologies, leading to up to 30% savings in energy consumption.
  • HYCOOL’s mission is increasing the use of solar heat in industry processes, by coupling of a new Fresnel CSP Solar thermal collectors (FCSP) with specially build Hybrid Heat Pumps.
  • HYBUILD combines a compact sorption storage, a high-density latent storage, and an efficient electric storage in residential buildings.

Interactive discussion

The 5 projects discussed the following common horizontal issues :

  • Highest technological challenges faced by the projects
  • How digitalization and monitoring data can facilitate the promotion of the technologies of the projects
  • How to increase social acceptance of projects’ technologies, and main non-technological barriers
  • Key measures to achieve cost-reduction of projects’ technologies

Presentations and pictures of the workshop are available at this link.

Full workshop report