Introducing Fresnex – Solar Steam Generation

HYBUILD is a group of 21 partners from 9 countries. Every month, a new HYBUILD partner is introduced in our Blog section. Today, Fresnex.

Fresnex – In a nutshell

Fresnex GmbH provides an innovative concentrating solar system for various applications. Since the founding of the company in 2012 the focus was mainly on medium temperature (100°C – 250°C) solar steam systems for industrial applications.

Based on a patent the company step by step optimized the Fresnel concept of large concentrated solar power projects for small scale installations from 500m² to 20.000m². The flat solar mirror modules are highly prefabricated, easy to transport, simple to install and maintain a low wind profile combined with low weight, all of it being key factors for small industrial applications.

Fresnex role in HYBUILD

Within HYBUILD Fresnex is now introducing a step towards even smaller installations and lower temperatures. The aim is to reduce the costs and increase the performance of very small installations. This shall pave the way to a market entry in the building sector.

A 60m² concentrated solar thermal system with a temperature range of up to 120°C will be installed at the demo site in Almatret. It will serve as main thermal energy source for the Mediterranean system concept.

Meet the staff

Hartmut Schneider holds a master degree in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Vienna. He looks back on 15 years of international experience in the area of sales and project management in reputable plant engineering and construction companies. In January 2012, he completed his MBA at the WU Executive Academy in Vienna. At the same time, he started Fresnex. Hartmut Schneider is IPMA-certified senior project manager.

Antoni Castells i Sanabrais Country Manager for Spain and R&D Engineer at Fresnex with over 4 years of experience related to CSP technology development, market analysis and sales. Antoni holds a MSc. degree in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, specialized in Mechanics. In addition, he is currently performing a MBA in Vienna, specializing in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. As a versatile engineer, fluent in German, internationally oriented and experienced in building up new markets, he plays a key role in the development of the company.