Introducing PINK, energy storage tanks designer and producer

HYBUILD is a group of 21 partners from 9 countries. Every month, a new HYBUILD partner is introduced in our Blog section. Today, PINK GmbH.

Pink – In a nutshell

The company Pink GmbH has years of experience in the field of designing and production of storage tanks, stainless steel hot water tanks and energy storage tanks. Additionally Pink is a specialist in the field of solar thermal systems and solar/thermally driven cooling. Another important business area are district heating systems. Pink developed a software tool to simulate district heating networks. This tool helps to design and optimize district heating systems.


Within HYBUILD we will develop a decentralized, pre-mounted, wall-integrated domestic-hot-water-storage system with optimized hydraulic and control. The aim is to achieve a high energy efficiency paired with maximum user comfort in combination with the heat-pump and latent storage system of the continental subsystem.

enerboxx® super-flat, invisible hot water storage system

Sample configuration within a multi family house

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DI(FH) Werner Pink

Teamleading, R&D-management, Project-management

Long term experience in development of different kind of storage tank systems. Experience in national and international development projects.

DI Christian Halmdienst

Hydraulic system, control, test-bench

Excellent researcher in the field of hydraulic systems, developer of the simulation software for hydraulic grids “simplex” used in many commercial and development projects for system simulation and analyses. Expert in control systems (software) and responsible for the internal hydraulic test bench.

Ing. Wolfgang Schuller

Component design, manufacturing supervising.

Long term experience in design (CAD), production planning and supervising of tanks for various applications.