Graeducation /Greening Seminar, Digitization and Entrepreneurship: Empowering Greek Vocational Education

Both the German and Greek vocational education systems face the challenge of adapting the necessary skills to modern labor markets. Climate protection is one of the aspects that leads to new skills requirements, especially in the technical professions.

Modern employment biographies require personal skills, which can be described as “business skills”. Digitization is seen as an issue, which is causing changes in many technologies and modifying to a certain extent the teaching and learning processes, in such a way as to require both teachers and students digital skills and a different view of their roles, teacher and trainee.

As part of the GRÆDUCATION project, a seminar idea was developed that takes into account these new requirements and was tested in Athens in the first week of December 2019.

The seminar included “green” business modules as well as interactive skills modules in the areas of employability and entrepreneurship.

The new skills acquired through the seminar will have to be incorporated into various Greek educational programs, and their implementation will be evaluated by the Greek-German project team.

Through the National Technical University of Athens, the HYBUILD project participated to the greening seminar. Key received feedback relates to:

  • incorporation into various Greek educational programs
  • Empowering Greek Vocational Education
  • leading to new skills requirements, especially in the technical professions

Further details about the event, get in touch with Dr. Vasiliki Tsiouri (Laboratory of Steam Boilers and Thermal Plants, School of Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens)