HYBUILD journal paper released : Hybrid Adsorption-Compression Systems for Air Conditioning in Efficient Buildings: Design through Validated Dynamic Models

Hybrid sorption-compression systems are gaining interest for heating/cooling/ refrigeration purposes in different applications, since they allow exploiting the benefits of both technologies and a better utilization of renewable sources. However, design of such components is still difficult, due to the intrinsic complexity of the systems and the lack of reliable models. In particular, the combination of adsorption-compression cascade unit has not been widely explored yet and there are no simulations or sizing tools reported in the literature. In this context, the present paper describes a model of a hybrid adsorption-compression system, realised in Modelica language using the commercial software Dymola. The models of the main components of the sorption and vapour compression unit are described in details and their validation presented. In addition, the integrated model is used for proving the feasibility of the system under dynamic realistic conditions and an example of the technical sizing that the model is able to accomplish is given.

Read the full paper at : https://doi.org/10.3390/en12061161