Energy Technologies and Restoration of Vernacular Architecture

A one-day symposium was organised by Aglantzia municipality and the University of Cyprus, with the aim to benchmark the progress of the HYBUILD project, to highlight the environmental aspect of vernacular architecture and to demonstrate ways of restoration using energy technologies.

30 persons attended the event, both professionals (designers, ICT installers, energy advisors), municipal councils representatives, construction and engineering companies, academia, Scientific community, and general public.

Professionals demonstrated their interest for the project and discussed extensively the value of restoration of vernacular architecture, and the need to introduce new policy to favour acceptance of such systems in such buildings typology. The HYBUILD concept is one step further in this direction.

With its pilot site in Aglantzia, HYBUILD contributes the rejuvenation of the area, as it will become a reference point in the historical core of Aglantzia through investment in research. The retrofit of the building as a multifunctional center and as an exhibition show-room for renewable energy technologies will have a positive impact on society.

Learn more about the Cyprus pilot site here.